Some of the photo’s my brother took from the first time we met Alexander.

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Big Gurl

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My temporary home.

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You can not claim to be successful unless you own a roof giraffe. Congrats Lincoln Park, you have the craziest sculptures.

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I’ve become a Lincoln Park plant junkie.

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There are two versions of myself
Borderline Personality Disorder, Kelly and the Kelly who wants a normal, happy life.

Borderline Kelly is killing everything beautiful. This has become a losing battle. When you spend years fighting demons eventually the weight of it all collapses. My foundation is dust. Everyone is gone and I seem to cease to exist.

I no longer can tell the difference between reality and fantasy.

These past 7 or so years I have done my best to hold back the monsters inside of me but I am exhausted.

Who knows what comes next, but I have accepted a life of loneliness and no longer feel a connection to anyone.

This isn’t a life.

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